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Laura Blatchford
Director of Careers and the Internship Programme

Phone: +44 (0) 207 467 5693

Email: lblatchford@aiulondon.ac.uk

Meet Laura Blatchford: Launching Careers


  • B.A. (Hons) in International Relations, University of Sussex

Out of the Classroom:

After graduating with her Bachelor's degree, Ms. Blatchford spent two years traveling and working around Egypt, Israel and South East Asia.

Laura Blatchford isn't a professor at AIU London, but she is still responsible for some of the most important lessons the school's students learn. Ms. Blatchford is the Director of Careers and the Internship Programme.

"In fieldwork, experience is becoming increasingly important to employers. The Internship Programme gives students the opportunity to apply all the theories learned in the classroom to live projects in the workplace. This is very empowering for a student. I've had students call me panic-stricken after their first week of an internship because they don't think they are good enough. After some kind words, sound advice, and another week on the job, they often call back to say they're now having the most amazing experience they have ever had."

Ms. Blatchford manages the AIU London Career Services office, which includes a resource centre, outreach activities and advising programs. Ms. Blatchford has developed and maintains contacts throughout the London business and art community that she uses to help AIU students. AIU faculty also helps her with contacts. "Our faculty are very well connected and invite their own contacts to give guest lectures and take on students for work experience placements."

Having started in the AIU Career Services office in 2003, Ms. Blatchford has helped hundreds of AIU London students get their careers started. Naturally, these students are thankful and stay in touch.

"I'm still in contact with lots of alumni and am constantly amazed at how successful they are so early in their careers. Many now run their own businesses, others work for leading design houses and many have had work published in magazines or used in major advertising campaigns. Alumni often pop in for a chat when they are in London and have been known to take on current students as interns and speak at career events."

There is even an Internship Programme open to Study Abroad students. Not surprisingly, it is very popular. "Many of the Study Abroad students we see have never left the United States before. Coming here can be a huge culture shock for them, but it is wonderful to see them challenged by new concepts and business practices and to learn to cope with change. Even if Study Abroad students don't work while here, from a Career Services perspective, having a study abroad experience listed on a résumé puts a student head and shoulders above peers who don't have that experience."

"Whatever sort of career a student is looking to get into and whether it is with an internship, help finding a job after graduation, or writing a résumé, we're here to help."

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