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Internships through the Study Abroad Program have been with companies such as L'Oreal, NBC News - London, Sony Music - United Kingdom, and many more. We invite you to read the student/alumni quotes below and learn about their experiences through the AIU Study Abroad internships.

Christie Wilbur – Western Illinois University
Internship: L'Oreal Luxury Products Division

Christie Wilbur "An AIU London internship was more closely related to my major at my home university than others available in the United States. This was the best decision I could have made. I spent my summer internship with the L'Oreal Luxury Products Division working exclusively with the brand ShuUemura. The experience proved to be more than I could have ever hoped for. I was involved in extensive, practical, hands-on training, and was given responsibilities that did not suggest an entry-level internship position. I immediately saw the results of my efforts, making my internship one of the most rewarding experiences of my academic career. I feel very grateful to have had this opportunity!"

"I can't thank you enough for all your help this term, and placing me with an incredible internship!"

Ashley Hogan-Gancarz – University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Internship: Diamond Trading Company, De Beers Group

Ashley Hogan-Gancarz "I met people from all over the world and was involved in many exciting projects. The Diamond Trading Company is the world’s leading supplier of rough diamonds and is internationally renowned. I worked in the Diamond Information Centre, which is part of the Sales and Marketing department. I got the opportunity to sit in on diamond briefings with prestigious companies like Cartier.

My co-workers were welcoming and extremely helpful. Even though the company has approximately 1,000 employees in the London office, it still has a warm, inviting feel. I learned loads regarding international business and especially the art of promoting diamonds. My internship also provided me with many luxurious bonuses which added to my experience! I was allowed to tag along to press parties, professional photo shoots, and attend the De Beers’Annual Diamond Day at Ascot Racecourse."

"Working at the Diamond Trading Company, a De Beers Group, was an amazing experience."

Christine Madation – Pennsylvania State University
Internship: Earl Jean Europe

Christine Madation "My experience at Earl Jean Europe was a great one. As an international marketing major, I was placed in Earl Jean's public relations department. I had never worked in public relations, so I was a little nervous. The Public Relations Director, Atul Pathak, taught me many PR survival skills. I learned how to write press releases, communicate with the press, manage store samples, and launch collection campaigns. By the end of the internship, I was very comfortable and confident.

One-on-one interactions with others made my study abroad experience even richer. I got insider tips on how to adjust to the culture professionally and personally. To make the most of a study abroad experience, I learned that you have to be willing to learn about how others live. The employees at Earl Jean all have different backgrounds. One employee was from Poland, another from Germany, and another from Bulgaria. I not only learned about the social norms of British people, but I also became more educated about the culture of other countries."

"My internship and study abroad experience was a life-changing experience."

Josh Mapes – Ohio State University
Internship: Parliament

Josh Mapes "When I went to the UK, I didn't know much about the UK or European economies. The US was the centre of my universe. I thought that because the US is so big and essentially self-sufficient, it was a good indicator of how the international economy worked.

An internship at Parliament has given me a sense of the vastness of the international economic world. It is extremely interesting to see how an international company adapts and may even change its name to thrive in the various countries in which it operates. My internship has introduced me to the international business world and has taught me how economies operate. Knowing where my weaknesses are will help me grow personally as well as professionally in the future."

"This internship has been extremely beneficial."

Kathryn Opalich – Academy of Art College, San Francisco
Internship: Telegraph Magazine

Kathryn Opalich "For two months, I worked at the Telegraph Magazine assisting the Senior Fashion Editor. It was a wonderful and great learning experience for me. I called in clothes for fashion shoots, returned them, and worked in the fashion closet. I also went on a fashion shoot as the Fashion Assistant. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a fashion shoot and I got to participate in it all!

The entire experience proved to be very beneficial for me. I learned a lot about the business that I will soon be entering. The experience reinforced the fact that I do indeed want to be a fashion stylist. The people at the magazine gave me many responsibilities and trusted me to do a good job for them."

"I greatly appreciate all that the Telegraph team did for me and also AIU for helping me through this internship."

Dustin Shroff – University of Oklahoma, Norman
Internship: NBC News, London

Dustin Shroff "My 2-month internship at NBC News in London was a very rewarding experience. Everyday there was something different depending on the amount of news produced. As a result, I had the opportunity to work within different bureau fields. From on-location shoots with Chief Correspondent Keith Miller, to helping producers' verbate interviews, there was always something for me to do. I even had the opportunity to create a news package covering a topic of my choice. Creating the news package gave me hands-on experience as a reporter and provided an important addition to my portfolio.

I left with a lot of great contacts and a better understanding of the television news industry. NBC employees were very helpful and made a concerted effort to make sure every intern got the most out of the work."

"I would definitely recommend the AIU internship program, and am happy I had the opportunity to work for such a great company."

Michelle Thruston – University Of Missouri, Columbia
Internship: L'Oreal Luxury Products Division

Michelle Thruston "I worked with the marketing team to launch Biotherm, a new Luxury Products division of L'Oreal. I assisted with merchandising, as well as created spreadsheets for sample data and product orders. I helped the L'Oreal team execute the launch of Biotherm in Selfridges’department store. As the launch date approached, I set up displays and stocked the counter. On launch day, I helped the staff work the counter.

Overall, my experience helped me gain hands-on experience in the working world. As a result of my internship, I have been offered a great recommendation from both the Biotherm general manager and the marketing director."

"My internship with L'Oreal was the most beneficial experience of my life."

Alisha Woessner – North Dakota State University
Internship: L'Oreal Divisions

Alisha Woessner "My internship with the Kiehland ShuUemura divisions of L'Oreal was an amazing experience. During my internship, I handled Public Relations efforts for both departments. I got chances to utilize skills learned from both school and prior work experiences. Communication and organization skills were critical to my internship. I took part in London fashion week by attending a fashion show and organized goody bags for the shows. I also was left in charge of many send outs to magazines. It was amazing to see my send outs actually appear in print.

I met so many wonderful people during this internship. I got the chance to communicate with head make-up and hair stylists, along with fashion editors of magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. I was matched up with a company that met my interests and needs and learned so much through it all."

"I would definitely recommend an internship through AIU."

Shona Mozee – College of New Jersey
Internship: L'Oreal UK

Shona Mozee "I had the opportunity to intern in the Human Resources Department for the Luxury Division of L'Oreal UK. Working at L'Oreal was a really good experience for me. Actively seeing the issues that occur in the department was really beneficial to me. My tasks were varied, allowing me to deal with different HR issues from recruiting and selection to training and development. There is a lot I can take away from this internship. Previously, I hadn't had much experience in HR outside of the classroom. This internship gave me the chance to use the concepts I learned in class and apply them in an real work setting. Completing this internship gives me the assurance I need to pursue a career in Human Resources."

"I truly enjoyed my internship experience, and would highly recommend it to others."

Ashley Szopjak – Western Michigan University
Internship: Pringle of Scotland

Ashley Szopjak "I decided a London work experience would look remarkable on a resume. I knew I could learn a lot, plus it would be a great experience for me. I did my internship at Pringle of Scotland. They are known for their cashmere jumpers and argyle prints. While at Pringle, I had the opportunity to work in their PR department and with stylists from around the world. I put together different looks for celebrity stylists and distributed them. I also merchandised the showroom for visiting clients."

"I had a grand time and it was an amazing learning experience."

Lucille Bullard
Internship: January - March 2006

I work with a well-known designer in high-end fashion in central London. His niche is evening and bridal wear. I would say my most rewarding experience was assisting with putting things together for London Fashion Week. I got the opportunity to work directly with the designer himself. He showed me some technique that I did not know.

I like the fact that on your internship you are supervised by the American InterContinental University faculty and knowledgeable staff. Also once the employer gains confidence in you, they will ask for feedback from you.

I learned how the buyer determined the colors of fabric to buy for next season's collection. They know what colors and styles are going to be popular in certain areas of the world. I gained knowledge that will empower me to accomplish much more in the states had I not gone to London. I feel if one is serious about going into the fashion industry, they owe it to themselves to become a study abroad student in a fashion capital like London, England.

"I gained knowledge that will empower me to accomplish much more in the states had I not gone to London."

Jason Kelly – Ohio State University
Internship: Sony Music, United Kingdom

"At AIU London, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern for perhaps the greatest record company to hit the global music market, Sony Music Entertainment(U.K.) Limited. Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Limited is a part of Sony Music International, headquartered in New York.

While at Sony Music, I undertook various administrative duties for several departments including Sales, Press and Artist Relations. Interning in a competitive global workforce has further strengthened my analytical and critical thinking skills. The wonderful opportunity to intern in London has allowed me to gain experience in an international business culture and excel in an environment that requires adaptability and commitment. Working and living in another country has given me a different perspective and appreciation of other national preferences."

"My experiences at Sony Music, United Kingdom are a foundation that will enable me to make a significant contribution to the music industry."

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