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Kedrick Gauthier
Participated in: AIU Study Abroad Program - London
When: Winter 2006
From: University of Florida

Kedrick Gauthier Having the opportunity to study in London was an amazing experience. In a mere three months, I explored London, conquered the public transportation system, traveled the continent, mastered the British-isms of the English language ("oi," "mate," and "fancy" are just part of my speech now), and I even learned a few things along the way. But I still have not mastered or nearly come close to acquiring the British accent. Going there was all about cultural raptness and also being able to interact with the British people on a day-to-day basis, and it was all bloody brilliant, and I was truly becoming a Londoner! The things that I brought back with me most are the memories of all the amazing people, places, foods, and an addiction to traveling. I would encourage the idea for all students to study abroad, and make studying abroad be an indispensable regimen prior to the completion of their college graduation. You will leave not only feeling like you experienced living in London, but you experienced British life.

Kendra Keller
Participated in: AIU Study Abroad Program - London Internship
When: June - August 2006
From: Western Michigan University

Studying in London at AIU was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. During my time in London, I was able to take a class as well as participate in an internship at an advertising agency. AIU was able to pair me up with my perfect company, and I learned a great deal about the profession and industry, things that I would never be able to learn in a classroom. My professor for class was amazing as well, so helpful and a lot of fun. I learned so much in the class and even enjoyed going to it and learning the material. AIU is a great school and is in an amazing city that has so much to offer. I would highly recommend AIU to anyone.

Kat Reynolds
Participated in: AIU Study Abroad Program - London Internship
When: April - June 2006
From: Philadelphia University

Kat Reynolds Having the opportunity to participate in an internship in London was amazing. The course was not only educational, but being able to work in the Interior Design field in London, it was an experience that can never be replaced. Working in London provided the opportunity to really know the city, explore the tube system, and work hand in hand with the British. I would recommend an internship at AIU to everyone who is interested. It most definitely will be an unforgettable experience!

Jennifer Carson
Participated in: AIU Study Abroad Program - Fashion Marketing
When: January - March 2006
From: Purdue University

Jennifer Carson I studied abroad through AIU in London from January to March 2006. I studied Fashion Marketing. I took two classes: trend forecasting and visual merchandising. I learned a lot in those two classes. I also had an internship with Amanda Wakeley in which I worked under the head buyer/merchandiser. I had numerous opportunities through my internship. I worked backstage at London Fashion Week, I assisted at the Designer Bridal Show, and I attended meetings with the buyer. I learned more about my future career. While I was in London, I embraced the British culture. I learned how to ride the underground, shop on Oxford Street, attended plays and musicals, and watched soccer. I traveled to Paris and Rome while I was abroad. This experience has taught me a lot about myself and my future career. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, and I am glad that I took advantage of it.

Ashleigh Koch
Participated in: AIU Study Abroad Program - Fashion
When: January 2006
From: Western Michigan University

Ashleigh Koch My study abroad experience was beneficial and unforgettable. Looking back on it fills me with warm memories and a sense of gratefulness that I was able to have the experience. I loved everyday life in London: the people, the culture, the art, the buildings, etc. There was always something new to explore and take in. School at AIU was different than any schooling I have ever had here. I found it to be exciting and informational at the same time. I love how we took field trip every week, and had great guest speakers and a fashion show. I really got a taste for the fashion industry in central London. My instructors were experienced and taught me a lot about what it takes to prosper in my field. The school itself was in an awesome location, right on the high street, and was always bustling with people. I wish I could live the whole experience all over again, and I highly recommend it to others. It is the chance of a lifetime, and something that no one should miss.

Gina Moorhead
Participated in: AIU Study Abroad Program - Fashion
When: October - December 2005
From: Seattle Pacific University

Studying in London was an amazing opportunity, and I am forever glad that I was able to take it. I matured in my sense of independence and gained an unbelievable amount of self-confidence in just three months. I met many friends with whom I still keep in contact and plan to visit across the U.S. I learned more about fashion design in three months than I had learned in the past year at my university because I was surrounded by creativity, excellent instruction, great connections, and inspiration that encouraged me to grow and succeed through the whole trip. It was super easy to travel, and I was able to go to Barcelona and Paris twice. I got to know the city well and could tour my parents around London to all the secret gems within the city. I encourage everyone to study abroad where it fits themóbe it London, Paris, or Cape Townóand I lift up AIU for making my experience easy-going and enjoyable.

Smita Solanki
Participated in: AIU Study Abroad Program - London
When: July - August 2005
From: Georgia State University

I studied abroad in London, England, and took a Business in Europe course. I liked how our class was a reasonable size so it was easy to meet others, and it was also good to have more one-on-one interaction with the professor. I also liked how the class was similar to the ones I took at the university I already go to in the U.S., so there wasn't much confusion, and I easily adjusted to the school.

Another good thing about the program was that they had field trips where you could sign up to go on different sightseeing tours or popular attractions with other students. That way, you could get some touring in while studying as well. You also don't have to go alone and you can make a lot of new friends on these trips!

Julianne Miller
Participated in: AIU Study Abroad Program - Fashion
When: Summer 2005
From: North Dakota State University

Julianne Miller My experiences while studying abroad were positive and had a great impact on me when I returned to my home state. After studying trends in London, I decided that when I returned my focus would be based on trends. With the background AIU gave me, I had an interview at a corporate fashion and apparel company and nailed the interview. The credit goes to AIU for giving me a broader view of the fashion industry and helping me to use the knowledge I already have to predict trends and use them effectively. I have been working ever since at the same corporate office as their fashion intern.

Besides learning a great deal while I was studying in London, I also had the opportunity to travel. While I was there, I traveled to seven different countries and had the chance to see so many other cultures. I would go back in a heart beat! Studying abroad is an opportunity not to miss. Another great aspect of study abroad is that it looks great on a résumé, especially in the fashion industry.

Christina Marie
Participated in: AIU Study Abroad Program - London/Paris
When: June 2005
From: Colorado State University

Studying at American InterContinental University in London and Paris was the best experience of my life! From exciting classroom sessions to experiential learning, AIU was an amazing program to go through. Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to study not only your subject of interest but to also learn a whole new culture and interact with people! As well as becoming more culturally diverse, you learn more about yourself and grow as a person. I definitely recommend considering the experience of a lifetime of studying abroad and the wonderful adventures it can lead you to.

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