Visual Arts - Florence, Italy

July 6 August 8, 2008 (Summer C)

Soak up your surroundings. Choose your medium. Express your style.

Gain insight into the artistic traditions of Florence and earn 10 quarter hours or 6 semester hours of academic credit!

Travel to Florence, Italy with AIU for a glimpse into the cultural revolution known as the Renaissance, which gave the world some of the greatest artists ever known. This program is designed to give insight into the artistic traditions of Tuscany, and you will attempt to capture the form and essence of famous works through a variety of painting techniques.

Supporting you throughout the entire process are AIU London faculty members who are dedicated, highly experienced practitioners.They are committed to:
  • Encouraging the creative and systematic investigation of formal and conceptual issues.
  • Helping you develop technical skills and familiarizing you with the functions of visual elements.
  • Encouraging you to become an independent thinker who can contribute inventively and critically through art.
AIU is accepting applications for this exciting program that can prepare you for a career in the art and design field.

Academic Program Format

While in Florence, you are enrolled in two courses; STL 275 and you may choose one (1) of the following Painting courses based on your level of experience:
  • STL 275 The Art of the Florentine Renaissance
    Prerequisites: None
    This course examines the works of art that defined the Renaissance in Florence. Using the work of Giotto as a starting point, students will view work by many of the great artists of the Early Renaissance like Donatello Masaccio and Brunelleschi. Using examples from the masters of Tuscan art (like Leonardo and Michelangelo) students will study how the art of the city evolved to influence many other aspects of the city's culture. Students will also seek to understand how Florentine society changed as a result of Renaissance ideas; specifically how ideas regained from antiquity mixed with the wealth of the city fathers who began to use art as an instrument to garner political power.
  • VCD 353 Painting I
    Prerequisites: None
    This course offers a foundation in the studio practice of painting. Various techniques and their application in the context of fine art and illustration are presented. Exploration of visual language and personal creativity is encouraged. Students should expect to incur expenses for supplies.
  • VCD 354 Painting II
    Prerequisites: VCD 353
    This class develops from and builds upon the painting foundation acquired in Painting I (VCD 353).Working more independently, students are expected to define their individual style and material direction. Greater emphasis is placed upon the conceptual and creative roles in studio practice. Students should expect to incur expenses for supplies.

Cultural Activities Beyond the Classroom

You will be given access to cultural activities that are designed to complement your academic studies and provide an appreciation of Central Italy's cultural heritage.

Program fee includes:

  • Tuition and related fees for two classes.
  • Apartment-style housing accommodations within central Florence (usually twin rooms with ensuite communal lounge and kitchen facilities) for the duration of the program.
  • Full orientation program upon arrival in Florence.
  • Academic visits.
  • Cultural activities program.

Florence Program Scheduling

Limited space is available in this program. All applications will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. For detailed information, contact the AIU Study Abroad Program office at 1-800-255-6839 or use the following links:
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