Civil, Electrical and Computer Engineering Courses* — Dubai

CEEE 200 Introduction to Signal Processing w/Lab

Prerequisites: COMP 180, Co-requisites: MATH 211
This course introduces signal processing for discrete-time and continuous-time signals, filtering, frequency response, Fourier transform and Z transform. Lab exercises emphasize computer-based signal processing.

CEEE 220 Linear Circuit Analysis I w/Lab

Prerequisites: PHYS 202, Co-requisites: MATH 212
This course examines the physical principles underlying the modeling of circuit elements, basic circuit elements, resistance, inductance, capacitance, independent and controlled sources and op-amps. Techniques of circuit analysis, steady-state and transient responses, first-order and second-order circuits, complex numbers and sinusoidal analysis are also explored.

CEEE 300 Digital and Computer System Design w/Lab

Prerequisites: CEEE 220
This course teaches the design and implementation of digital and computer systems. CAD tools, project design methodologies, combinational datapath elements, DRAM control, I/O bus, logic synthesis and assembly language programming are discussed. In lab exercises, students can design and analyze digital circuits and participate in a team design project.

CEEE 310 Linear Circuit Analysis II w/Lab

Prerequisites: CEEE 220
This course is an in-depth study of sinusoidal steady-state analysis, frequency response methods, including Bode plots, circuit analysis using the Laplace and Fourier transforms, convolution integral, state variable methods, transfer functions, two-port networks, filters, MATLAB and PSPICE analysis.

CEEE 311 Microelectronic Devices and Circuits w/Lab

Prerequisites: CEEE 200, CEEE 220
This course examines microelectronic materials, devices and circuits. Lab work includes analysis, design, simulation and evaluation of electronic circuits.

CEEE 322 Random Signals

Prerequisites: CEEE 200, ENGR 300
Examine random variables and random processes for applications in electrical and computer engineering, statistical filtering, parameter estimation and Markov processes.

CEEE 331 Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing

Prerequisites: CEEE 322
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is introduced in this course. Other topics include: sampling theorem, discrete-time Fourier transform, power spectrum, discrete Fourier transform and Fast-Fourier, Transform (FFT) algorithms, Z transform, digital filter design and implementation.

CEEE 340 Communication Systems

Prerequisites: CEEE 322
Modern digital communication system fundamentals and performance evaluation with realistic channel models are addressed in this course.

CEEE 355 Computer Architecture

This course examines computer architecture and operating systems, Instruction Set Architectures (ISA), compiler/ISA relationships and pipelined data paths. Students can also learn about memory hierarchy, memory management and protection, processes, threads, CPU scheduling and associated techniques.

CEEE 361 Communication Networks

Prerequisites: CEEE 322
This course teaches communication network protocols and performance analysis.

CEEE 375 Analog Electronics

Prerequisites: CEEE 311
This course focuses on the analysis and design of electronic circuits and systems. Course topics include biasing, small-signal analysis, frequency response, feedback amplifiers, active filters, non-linear operational amplifier applications and oscillators.

CEEE 380 Systems and Controls

Prerequisites: CEEE 200
This course examines linear time-invariant systems for continuous and discrete time and introduces feedback control theory. Other course topics include Laplace and Z transforms, the transfer function and state space representations.

CEEE 391 Applied Electromagnetics

Prerequisites: CEEE 310
This course examines how the laws and applications of electromagnetics are used in microwaves, antennas and transmission lines.

CEEE 395 Energy Engineering

Prerequisites: CEEE 311, CEEE 391
This course is an introduction to electrical engineering conversion. It covers 3-phase electrical power, electromechanical energy conversion, alternative energy sources, and operating principles of electrical machines.

CEEE 400 Network Design and Simulation

Prerequisites: CEEE 361
This course examines the design of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) systems using Monte Carlo techniques and network simulation.

CEEE 411 Embedded Microcontroller Design w/Lab

Prerequisites: COMP 240, CEEE 300
This course examines microcontroller structure, instruction set, addressing modes, code development by assembly language programming and emulation use. Programmable timer use, interrupt handlers and timing are also covered.

CEEE 420 Synthesis with Hardware Descriptive Language

Prerequisites: CEEE 300, COMP 240
This course teaches fundamental concepts, techniques and tools for computer-aided design of simple digital systems. Course topics include modeling and simulation of digital systems using hardware description languages, behavioral data flow, and structural modeling, as well as synthesis, optimization and verification.

CEEE 422 Embedded System Design w/Lab

Prerequisites: CEEE 355
This course teaches students about processors, chipsets, busses, and I/O devices for high-end embedded systems, as well as embedded operating systems, device drivers and applications for embedded system applications.

CEEE 431 Advanced Computer Architecture

Prerequisites: CEEE 355
Students examine architecture and systems issues that confront the design of high performance workstation/PC computer architectures. Emphasis is placed on quantitative evaluation.

CEEE 440 Communication Systems II

Prerequisites: CEEE 340
This course teaches advanced digital communication systems topics.

CEEE 445 Microwave Electronics

Prerequisites: CEEE 375, CEEE 391
This course teaches scattering parameters, passive circuit design, the smith chart, design of matching networks, and basic considerations in active networks - stability, gain and noise. ADS software is used to design different types of amplifiers (LNA, HGA, MGA and microwave oscillator).

CEEE 450 Programmable ASICS Design

Prerequisites: CEEE 355, COMP 240
This course introduces theoretical concepts and experimental design and construction of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Course topics include rapid prototyping of data path and control in computer systems, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and similar logic.

CEEE 455 Optical Fiber Communications

Prerequisites: CEEE 311, CEEE 340
This course introduces optical fibers, optical propagation, step index fibers, graded index fibers, absorption and dispersion in optical fibers, optical fiber cables and connectors, optical sources, optical detectors and optical fiber systems.

CEEE 461 Wireless Communications

Students can learn how wireless system specifications are translated to architectures and building blocks compatible with silicon technology.

CEEE 472 Image Processing and Computer Vision

Prerequisites: CEEE 200, ENGR 210
This course introduces basic digital image processing concepts, techniques and algorithms. Image acquisition and display, properties of human visual perception, sampling and quantization, contrast enhancement, two-dimensional transformation, linear and nonlinear filtering, morphological operations, noise removal, image deblurring and restoration, edge detection, image registration, and image compression (including JPEG and MPEG standards) are presented. Students can learn some image processing algorithms using C programming language or MATLAB.

CEEE 475 Antenna Theory

Prerequisites: CEEE 391
This course covers antenna parameters, wire antennas, array antennas, microwave antennas, frequency independent antennas and antenna miniaturisation.

CENG 200 Statics

Prerequisites: PHYS 201, Co-requisites: MATH 203
Students can examine forces and moments, the equilibrium of particles and bodies in two and three dimensions, centroids, friction and the kinetics of rigid bodies in plane motion.

CENG 300 Engineering Graphics and Visualization w/Lab

Prerequisites: ENGR 210, MATH 203
Students examine engineering graphics and visualization including sketching, line drawing, simple wire frames and solid modeling. They can learn about the development and interpretation of drawings and specifications for product realization, as well as be exposed to civil engineering drawings of structural, earth, transportation and water systems.

CENG 311 Dynamics

Prerequisites: CENG 200
This course teaches kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies in plane motion, work and kinetic energy, impulse and momentum in two and three dimensions, as well as vibration analysis.

CENG 322 Mechanics of Materials

Prerequisites: CENG 200, MATH 204
This course examines stress and strain, axially loaded members, torsion of circular sections, bending of beams, transformation of stress and strain, and buckling of axially loaded members.

CENG 331 Engineered Materials w/Lab

Prerequisites: CENG 322, ENGR 300
Students examine the physical, mechanical and durability properties of concrete, metals, un-reinforced and reinforced plastics, timber, asphalt and asphalt concrete.

CENG 340 Geomatics

Prerequisites: CENG 300, MATH 212
In this course, students are exposed to spatial data collection methods including surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing, global positioning systems; and the management, manipulation and analysis of spatial and associated attribute data.

CENG 355 Structural Analysis

Prerequisites: CENG 311, CENG 322
This course introduces students to the analysis of statically indeterminate structures, as well as the determination of internal forces and deflections in statically determinate trusses, beams and frames.

CENG 361 Fluid Mechanics w/Lab

Prerequisites: CENG 311
Students examine the elementary mechanics of fluids with emphasis on control volume analysis of flowing fluids using kinematics, continuity, energy and momentum principles. Applications and laboratory experiments are conducted.

CENG 375 Soil Mechanics w/Lab

Prerequisites: CENG 322, CENG 331
This course introduces the engineering behavior of soils and other natural and man-made geomaterials. Mechanical, chemical and electrical properties, continuum design principles, including the theory of elasticity and limiting equilibrium applied to particulate materials, are presented.

CENG 380 Transportation Engineering w/Lab

Prerequisites: CENG 340
This course is an introduction to transportation engineering with special emphasis on the planning, design and operation of transportation facilities.

CENG 391 Environmental Engineering

Prerequisites: CHEM 201, MATH 212
Students can learn about environmental engineering issues associated with water, air and land pollution, including risk assessment, groundwater contamination, global climate change and sustainable technologies.

CENG 400 Construction Engineering AND MANAGEMENT

Prerequisites: CENG 300
This course teaches students fundamental concepts in the planning, design and construction of civil engineering projects. It introduces project scheduling, cost estimating, controls, procurement, value engineering and quality assurance.

CENG 411 Reinforced Concrete Design

Prerequisites: CENG 355, CENG 331
This course teaches the behavior principles of reinforced concrete beams, short columns and slabs, and design applications of elementary concrete structures, foundation and earth retaining structures.

CENG 422 Structural Steel Design

Prerequisites: CENG 355, CENG 331
This course teaches the behavior principles of tension and compression members, beams and connections with application to the design of elementary structures.

CENG 431 Advanced Structural Analysis

Prerequisites: CENG 355
This course teaches students the analysis of two- and three- dimensional statically indeterminate structures by classical and matrix methods of solution. Flexibility and stiffness techniques, influence lines, approximate analysis and nonlinear analysis are also addressed.

CENG 440 Structural Dynamics

Prerequisites: CENG 355
In this course, students can learn about the response of linear systems to harmonic, periodic and transient excitations. Duhamel's integral, earthquake response spectra, Lagrange's equations, linearization of the equations of motion, free and forced vibrations, normal mode and frequency response methods, as well as continuous systems are discussed.

CENG 450 Masonry Structures

Prerequisites: CENG 355, CENG 331
This course teaches the analysis and design of un-reinforced and reinforced masonry structures using advanced analytical techniques and design philosophies. Material properties, stability, and buckling of un-reinforced masonry are covered. Flexural strength, shear strength, stiffness and ductility of reinforced masonry elements are also reviewed. Design for seismic loads is presented.

CENG 455 Geotechnical Engineering Design

Prerequisites: CENG 355, CENG 375
This course analyzes design in geotechnical engineering projects, including the evaluation of shallow, mat and pile foundations, slope stability, earth retaining structures and embankments.

CENG 461 Pavement Engineering

Prerequisites: CENG 375, CENG 380
This course analyzes the design of flexible and rigid pavements for highways and airfields. It includes an evaluation of pavement performance and distress and pavement rehabilitation strategy and techniques.

CENG 465 Computer-Aided Site and Highway Design

Prerequisites: CENG 340, CENG 380
This course teaches site development principles. A comprehensive design project using computer-based digital terrain model software tools is an integral part of the course.

CENG 471 Hydraulic Engineering

Prerequisites: CENG 361
This course teaches how fluid mechanics are applied to engineering and natural systems. Topics include fluid drag, open channel flow, turbo machinery, and environmental and computational hydraulics. Lab experiments are performed.

CENG 475 Hydrology

Prerequisites: CENG 361
This course examines global circulation and hydrologic cycle, precipitation mechanisms and analysis, evaporation and other losses, stream flow, hydrographs, river and reservoir routing and frequency analysis.

CENG 480 Hazardous Substance Engineering

Prerequisites: CENG 361, CENG 391
This course teaches the technical aspects of hazardous waste management and treatment including legislation, exposure and risk assessment, contaminant fate and transport, waste treatment methods and remediation technologies.

CENG 485 Environmental Impact Assessment

Prerequisites: Junior standing
This course teaches key policy, planning and methodological issues in the environmental impact assessment of engineering systems, including regulatory framework and analytical techniques.

CENG 490 Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Design

Prerequisites: CENG 471
This course offers students the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary designs in environmental engineering and water resources including process design, hydraulic design, reservoir operation and analysis, cost estimates, plans and specifications.

ENGR 111 Introduction to Engineering

Prerequisite: None
Introduction to college life with an emphasis on engineering studies. Overview of engineering disciplines, professional opportunities, and engineering applications of computers.

ENGR 210 Engineering Design and Communication

Prerequisites: ENGR 111, PSPK 101
This course introduces the processes, techniques and tools used for engineering design in various disciplines. Students will focus on teamwork, project management, technical documentation and communication skills. This course includes group projects and written and verbal communication experiences.

ENGR 222 Computational Modeling w/Lab

Prerequisites: MATH 212, COMP 180
Students can learn numerical method fundamentals and develop programming techniques for solving engineering problems using computers.

ENGR 300 Statistics and Engineering Applications

Prerequisites: ENGR 210, MATH 211
This course introduces probability, probability distributions, point estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression and variance analysis. Examples of these are applied to various engineering fields.

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