Middle Eastern Studies* — Dubai

MEST 101 Arabic I

This course is an introduction and continuing study of Modern Standard Arabic with emphasis on oral communication and proficiency.

MEST 102 Arabic II

Prerequisites: MEST 101
This is a continuation of Arabic I (MEST 101) with expansion of vocabulary and capability of expression.

MEST 103 Arabic III

Prerequisites: MEST 102
This is a continuation of Arabic II (MEST 102) with increased emphasis on vocabulary specific to the individual student's area of specialty.

MEST 301 Arabic Proficiency I

A course in Modern Standard Arabic at the advanced level designed to provide Arabic-speaking B.C.I.S. Majors with the linguistic skills (writing, reading, speaking, listening) that serve as a solid foundation for journalistic expression in Arabic. Emphasis is placed on grammar review, vocabulary acquisition, and composition. Several modern literary texts are used in the course. This course is open only to students with significant prior knowledge/study of Arabic

MEST 302 Arabic Proficiency II

Prerequisite: MEST 301
This is a continuation of MEST 301, with expansion of vocabulary and capability of expression, both orally and in writing. Literary texts of increasing sophistication are used in the course. Students exiting this course will be prepared to follow the Arabic track of the B.C.I.S. program.

MEST 313 Islamic Art and Architecture

This course is a general survey of Islamic art in its various forms from its beginnings in the 7th century to the modern period. The development will be traced through the examination of architecture, manuscript illustration, textiles, pottery and other art forms.

MEST 315 History of the Middle East in the 20th Century

This course is a survey of Arab history from 1900 to the present, including colonial rule and decolonization, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the roles played in regional and international arenas.

MEST 317 Arabic Literature in Translation

This course considers a representative sample of Arabic prose, short stories, novels and plays with a brief account of critical background of the various genres.

MEST 318 Comparative Middle Eastern Cultures

This course is an introduction to the varied culture of the Middle East in an effort to facilitate cross-cultural communications and understanding between the people of the West and the Middle East.

MEST 319 Comparative Politics in the Middle East

This course is a study of the Middle East as a distinctive arena of politics with emphasis on the contrasting foreign policies of the various entities and the relationships between those countries comprising the modern Arab World.

MEST 323 Introduction to Islam I

This course studies the beginning of the religion and its tenets, traditions and observances. The course will also examine the spread of Islam beyond the Middle East to other parts of the world, including Asia and Africa.

MEST 324 Introduction to Islam II

This course is a continuation of MEST 323 (Introduction to Islam), with more detailed discussions of Islam today.

MEST 343 Business in the Middle East

This course uses a practical approach covering the operational aspects of conducting business in the Middle East. It will examine the evolution of Middle Eastern economies and present business forms in the region, as well as other special issues pertinent to the region.

* Courses and content subject to change.

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