Information for Parents: The Benefits

The benefits of studying abroad can last a lifetime.

Participation in a study abroad program is more than an academic adventure; it's an experience that can have a lasting, positive influence upon students' future career aspirations and life in general.

The AIU Study Abroad Program has had a lasting influence upon past participants' lives and can have a similar effect upon your son/ or daughter as well.

A quality study abroad experience can:

  • Reflect positively on résumés and increase the chance of employment with international and multinational organizations.
  • Competitively differentiate school applications from others who are seeking to fill a limited number of spaces in an advanced degree program.
  • Open a window to learn about and understand the culture and society of both the host country and other participants' countries.
  • Help students to develop a better perspective on world affairs through international study and understand the depth and breadth of differences that abound in the global community.
  • Place students in the role of being a "personal ambassador" for their country. Through this role, they are in a position to promote an understanding of their country's interests to others in the global community.
  • Create a greater appreciation for the arts and humanities.
  • Influence students to seek out a greater diversity of friends.

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